What you've been dreading/waiting for *ohohoho*

Yes, its Sleepless Beauty Part II! Rejoice! Applaud! Praise meh! *gets whacked* Yes, i know i'm late, i deeply apologise but do blame Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro instead, k?

Some of you have already read it (you lucky devils.. free preview and all) and the response has been encouraging ^_^ Thank you all for taking the time to read this nonsense!

Um, this time around, Jia Ling puts in her half cents (you can tell, it's extremely obvious) in the role of crap adder. I prepared this in a larger size for ya'll so our handwriting can be considered as legible.

Once again, Sleepless Beauty belongs to Liaw Li Sian and Pan Jia Ling. And do TRY not to tease Shawn after this... *ohohohohoho* Enjoy...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

In the final chapter, i will be introducing Junn Tseng, Sam otoko, James, Julianna and.. uh.. some more maybe? It's nearing the close so i'm kind of in a rush cos John Constantine is gonna be bugging me throughout the whole week.

John Constantine: "Hurry up and draw me. Asshole."

FYI, Jia Ling might be doing one of her own, titled the Not-So-Little Mermaid. We are looking for people to fill in these posts:

Sebastian (is NOT a lobster. Why no one wanna be Sebastian one?)
Flotsam and Jetsam (they're cute what)
The Seagull (also cute what. Totally tuneless though)

Sorry people, Ursula is taken (why so many wanna be Ursula one?)


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