What Happened in History Class...

Photo Blogger is back! Thank goodness.

Okay, here's the pics I took in History class.

Recognize this, ppl? It's the Great Exquisite Corpse of CD055-1! (Sketch out by May)

We have a tattoo session in house! It's Shazaism!

It's an optical illusion! This is where Design comes in eh?

The artist's hand and the tool.

Whoa! This is freaky! Looks like an alien has found a landing ground in TOA.. Hehe.

Will is a happy customer. (Though his hands couldn't tell that in the pic. Btw, the hand above belongs to Ashlei.)

Can't get enough of Dadaism, can we? Can you make out the letters D-A-D-A from the symbols above?


Sammie~~!! said...

whoaa...shaza's really good!!!
damn...i should have lent her my hand to experiment on as well...all i got was a half-ring when li sim told us to continue after class....