Dracolshian's Untitled-1

I was cold. I was cold in FigureS class. Freezing.

I was hungry. I was hungry in FigureS class. Famished.

I was sleepy. I was sleepy in FigureS class. Half-dead.

I had no mood. I had no mood in FigureS class. Tak tau lah.

I was annoyed with my unproportionate drawing. I was annoyed with my unproportionate drawing in FigureS class. GAH!

I couldn't finish my work. I couldn't finish my work in FigureS class. Doomed.


Now you telling me we have to do 6 life sketches, 2 A2-sized full/half body sketches of a group and a muscle guy and 3 A3-sized portrait sketches???!!!

*wails* WHHHHHYYYYYY?????!!!!!!!

"If only the lecturers would 'die'...just like THAT." ~Chin Hou

It won't be THAT easy, Chin Hou.

On the other hand, it might be ME dropping dead because of brain meltdown.

Oh no no no...it's because of....Figure Studies.


Kye said...

The titleless fairy...

ChrisYuen said...

lol...ya la..figures assignment is killin us...nex week is deepavali and raya la..wat are we doin enjoyin it wit assignments??? we should be celebratin instead of doin work...oh wait,i dun celebrate those occasions...hehehe..

** dracolshian ** said...

kye~ can't think of a title...that's why this is gonna be a series of 'Untitled'.. Whoa... So cool...

chris~ but still...this is TOO MUCH!!! oh gosh...i never tot i'd live to see the day that i get fed up of figureS... sighs