END. End? END!!

This world is about to come to an end. Maybe in a couple millenia, but let us hope we don't get too carried away with the amount of time left before the world faces Armageddon. Preserve the earths' resources, it might provide us with timber, oil and water for the next 2-3 centuries, but do know that, our kids will be breathing artificial air if we deplete nature's resources now.

END. END. END. END. End? I'm bored.

I'm unbreakable, unstoppable, invincible, undeniable. I'm Jims Lee. Booyah suckas! I GIVE A F**KING HELL ABOUT NATURE!


ChrisYuen said...

i'm sure u do,jimbo...i'm sure u do...hahaha...who doesn't??? let me at them too..