Ladies and Germaniums of CD 055-1, I'm proud to bring you good news.

The "almost-active-sportsmen" of CD 055-1 has decided to play FUTSAL every Thrusday evening within the time period of 4pm -7pm. The time choice is yours. The futsal courts is in USJ 1. At Rio De Futsal.

The current players that have been coming for the past two meet ups are:

  1. William Lee
  2. Sam Goh
  3. Ethan Gan
  4. James Lee
  5. Kenneth Lee

The irregulars are:
  1. Benjamin Cheong
  2. Jon Chong
  3. Kenny
  4. err...Kenny's friend? Haven't got his name yet.
  5. Ian En
  6. Amril
The newcomers are:
  1. Samantha Tan
  2. Shaza
  3. Christopher Yuen
  4. Jevry Lo (JLO)
Alright ladies and germaniums, if I, have accumulated 5 hours of total playtime, I'm allowed to apply for a membership at Rio De Futsal. Which will give us an advantage of a cheaper price for playing here at these courts. We have to be regulars here, or I'll just be throwing my money away.

The reason why we are doing this is mainly because, as design students, we mostly hole ourselves up in our own rooms doing our work or just bumming at home watching anime. This is the only time when we all can have a little fun while getting some much needed exercise. So why not we just get together for a game of futsal after a tiring week of work? PLus, it's the only time when we can really exercise. For our current timetable, it's the perfect timing. Right after History class(which ends at 1500 hours), we have the rest of the day free for anything! Whats more is the next day, we have plenty of time to recuperate and get ready for Fine Arts class. (which begins at 1430 hours.)

Join us for a little game of futsal, and we guarantee you a more active mind and much stronger legs! (..and bigger butts. LOL!)

I'm Barney! I'm Barney. The orange Dinosaurrr!!
-Ethan Gan-



CD055-1 said...

oh... i didn't know others watch animes too... hahaha...

btw.. theres an orange dinasour??


Sammie~~!! said...

BIGGER BUTTS?!!?!?!??? oh no!!!!

haih...okla..what to do...for the sake of saving James' money...i shall sacrifice my butt...hahaha..sounds SO wrong!!

YEA!!! i like futsal too...it's fun to run around after a ball...yeeAAAHHHH!!!