Ladies and gents, once again, I ask..please come for futsal.

Due to my lack of planning for this week's futsal game/meet up, it almost gave me a total stress down. But, some people are still willing to join us for a very VERY fun game of futsal.

"Oh, how fun.." says me.

I need to know if anyone is going to join us next week. I need to organize now. I need names and contact numbers. I don't want to organize this shit again at the last minute. It's only 50 ringgit per hour/per court. If 10 or more comes, it's only 4-5 ringgit per person. IF, we play for 2 hours, it's a max of 10 ringgit. I mean, how expensive is that? 10 bux gonna ruin your damned wallets? If you save at least 2 bux a day, from now, you can actually have a decent game of futsal.

So, what say you? Are you up for futsal?

-Jimbo pwnz you- and just got pwnd by Ian in futsal. Argh I suck at goal keeping.


Kye said...

Heh... futsal was fun, James. Ian not only pawned you... he pawned all of us, hahaha! JT's goals were the best, hehe.

ChrisYuen said...

hahaha..at least JT scored..for da other team...hehehe..i'll come la jimbo..and u can call me Petr Cech from now on...wahahaha..jus kiddin..

Sammie~~!! said...

yeah..it was fun...hopefully i'll get better as well...u guys can't always give face to the girls...it's not that fun if u're only scoring because the goal is wide open and the guys all step aside for u...hahaha...but it's nice of u all la...don't get me wrong...i'd just feel prouder if i got the goal myself...^_~

and count me in! i'm gonna be a regular on the court from now on..!!

i love futsal!!! it's sweaty, it's hot and it's dangerous!! *jt and geri both got mutiliated by the ball* what's not to like? hehehe...

cockroach said...

count me in too!!!
i'll b there 4 sure oso..!!^^
dis time no more pokkai.. kekeke~ =p
Ian owns u all arh? wow..><
i tot he duno how 2 play futsal wan?