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Time to have some good laugh, ppl!

Courtesy of the ECO (Extremely Creative/Crazy Ones) group in YCLMS.

Note: Shidio-ers, you can participate by editing and posting up your own interpretation of the photos if you like.

(Three days before YCLMS meeting...)

dC - JT's creation. CSI styled.

dC - Murder scene. What's left is arm. *shudders*

(YCLMS meeting on Thursday)

dC- You think they're listening to you? No, they're NOT! It says right there in front, I mean, at the back of their heads, "I'M JUST PRETENDING TO LISTEN!"

All because of...

dC - The Return of the Grey Patty-rubber ARM!!

dC- which got squashed by the glass.

dC- It's...ET!

dC- Then, there were the legs. Yellow legs. Ugh.

dC- That must have hurt...a lot.

dC - Nope, I think 'it' is A-OK now.

dC- Bookmarked!

dC - ARRGHH!!! HELPP!!! UGH!! NO!!! *screams that awful thing*

dC - Aye Captain!!

dC- It seems so quiet...

dC - until 'it-legs' stood up on 'it-hand'...

dC- and stamped HARD on 'it-hand'... Tsk tsk tsk...

dC - Then, things started to spice UP. So wrong, so wrong.

Have fun and enjoy, people.

(Someone should come with a story based on these... hehehe)


ChrisYuen said...

cool,u guys came up with a whole series of decapitated