Review of The Rib Shop

Went over to Medan Damansara again for lunch. Just that this time I didn't go over to Jake's. (FYI, Jake's isn't open for lunch. least not the one at Damansara) Me and my dad (after loads of pondering and flipping through the Foodster's Guide) decided to go try out the Rib Shop. (we were also thinking of Fondue House in Sri Hartamas and Checkers at Damansara Heights as well)

Barbecued pork ribs (sorry I jumped into it before I actually remembered to take a picture heheh) The coleslaw puts KFC's to shame and the mashed potatoes which are under the ribs are really nice too! The ribs itself, I think, has a little too much marinade. Overall, it's pretty okay.

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and I had tiramisu for dessert. Their tiramisu is different from what you get elsewhere, they used lady fingers (no, not the vegetable 'lady's fingers' this is a type of italian biscuit that are commonly used to make tiramisu. It's a substitute for the usual sponge fingers.) and the texture of the mascarpon cheese itself is very thick and creamy. Was pretty good except the strawberries were really sour. yech. Must've been locally grown ones, me thinks =/

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The restaurant itself has a pretty nice atmosphere. Quiet in the afternoon. It's also got it's own wine shop just beside the main dining area. Seems like they have a very extensive choice of wine. Too bad neither myself nor my dad enjoys liquor and of the similar. One thing's for sure, I felt that the portions are small compared to the price. In other words, it's a little on the expensive side. Those four ribs on my plate costs RM29. The appetizer we ordered which was Garlic prawns with sauteed button mushrooms and pork bacon.... which costs RM16... came in a medium sized plate with only TWO shelled prawns, barely visible pieces of bacon and a small handful of button mushrooms (by right i think they just chopped about 3 medium-sized brown button mushrooms)

To tell you the truth, I wasn't really at all happy with the portions and the taste of the food is just so-so. Ambience isn't that great either due to the fact that there was a point where some cantonese dude was shouting out some stuff really loudly at the back. Also, there were a couple of construction workers or something walking in and out of the restaurant, through the customer's dining area which really annoyed me. The service is quite good though, helpful and observant. But I don't know, perhaps I've ordered the wrong stuff. Will try some other dishes on the menu next time that isn't swimming in sour marinade or has sour strawberries as garnishes.