Well well well..who would imagine that handing over your last (albeit very sucky) illustration piece is such an emotional event?

Emotions such as.."YESS!! I never have to do another composition again!!" . Grins.

Anyways, just about 3 seconds before i dropped in LalaLand for 3 very delicious hours, it knda hit me that we're one day away from completing ONE year at The One Academy.


Profound right.

So in one year my opinions of my classmates have taken a 180 degree turn. Bad starts became good, and good start may have taken a bad turn. However, nothing beats what i learned from my one and only *drum roll* Malaysian Studies group.

To Chrystal, thanks for being so supportive and so hardworking. You drive to me get out of my lazy modes and you never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I'm so looking forward to working with you in AD for the next two years. ;)

To Ashlei, you are one very crazy, very funny, very auntie person! Nothing can dampen your spirit, huh? Go rock the DA world!!

To May, you is one very the super helpful lorr..everyone's presentation speech also got mention you. Thanks for your graves and fireflies and samurais, they're still with me ;p *internal joke, sorry peeps*

To Evonne, you computer genius freak!!! :) i must say, you've changed a lot from the first day i met you and i like the now you way much better :) *hugs) See ya in AD!!

To Vincent Sam Goh, thanks for being yourself. You are the craziest, funniest person i've ever met!! Thanks for going out of your way so many times to get materials lar, buy stuff lar, do extra things that makes our projects so special, and thanks for making James laugh till he cried ;)

To Ethan, thanks for all that effort in the vcd, you did your best-lar. Anyway nothing beats the filming, even though the final outcome wasn't as chun as we imagined it.

To Cal, aiyo, who are you gonna talk all your nonsense to when you go to DA?? Haha.. thanks for coming out of the other end of the world whenever we needed you too. Take care of Comel arr, next time got no Stream and Ferfie the Terrano to be its bodyguards wei..

To James, you are one wierd, funny teddy bear. Thanks for always doing every little thing you can, and for your funny laughter that always makes me want to laugh as well..hehe

To William, thanks for, em....em.....Uh..foR....ERR......... hehe ;)
Thanks for not giving up and for being so dedicated especially in the Copywriting project. that was a great project wasn't it? Could have made us Multi millionaires ;) You have great dieas up in that head of yours you know that?! All you have to do is not be so lazy!!!!

What would Shidio be without you guys? :)


Anonymous said...

Aww, your welcome sifu.

On behalf of the F.U.N.T crew, we wanna thank you as well for being such a great sifu to the crew.

BTW, stop calling the Terrano FERFIE. It's not a very good name. Besides, it has a couple of names..

1. Big Bertha (lasted 3 minutes)
2. Red Betty (lasted 20 seconds)
3. Trano (removed right after naming)
4. Miles (named somewhere in the month of January2006)

Samz said...

ferfie the terrano not nice meh? feeerfieee ur bos gonna leave u bhind for PD haha

Kye said...

TRAN-O... I can see why...

... anything related to Sam Tan is bad.

ashe said...

*SOB SOB*...dun get me wrong..having runny nose here...(come back nOOOSSEEE!!!)...hehe...thanx julie!'re one hell of a person too...i mean it in a good way ya..hehe...SHIDIO-ers ROX THE WORLD!!!AGREE??....agree!

JustEve said...

What a touching post, Jules. As for my part, I think working with you and the girls are like, the best thing that happened to me. Without you guys I doubt i'd be able to make it through this shitty term la. You're one heck of a very talented person, very friendly and very helpful.


Sammie~~!! said...

hey!! i deeply resent that, shawn...trans are GoOoOoOD people...peaceful and're rich!!! how else do u think they're able to pay for all those operations?

i alone, spent 50 million baht on my