BBQ Update

*update 2:30am 09/05/06



To those of you that don't already know, JUST BRING YOURSELF and some cash(roughly Rm10 to RM20 or so la... I think) for the food. THAT'S IT! You don't have to bring any food whatsoever unless I asked you to la.. because all the food and marinating will be prepared by yours truly, SW, Ashley, Chrystal and May... and maybe some help from JT also if he plans to tag along with May on Friday. Anyway, to make things a little clearer, I've prepared a list of things to bring for the convenience of you people:

CASH amounting to about RM20, at least I won't complain if you are willing to donate more...
SWIM WEAR (which includes your swimsuit / swim trunks, goggles, snorkle, body board,surf board....etc)
Extra change of clothes (unless ofcourse, you plan to wet someone else's car or your own on the way home)
(CLEAN) Sense of humour
and most importantly...


The people who are bringing stuff are only:
May - Coleslaw

Juliana - Jelly

.... that's it. James abandoned his responsibility to go *ahem* in a hotel the night before so, he won't have time to marinade the lamb... But he's bringing his IPod instead.

PS: does anyone have a punch bowl or drinks dispenser or large jugs that has not had a living creature living in it before that i could borrow just for the party??? (for the fruit punch and limeade)

Oh and is anyone bringing beer or vodka or any other alchoholic drinks whatsoever?

ALSO, can someone bring A LOT of ice? Preferably with a big ice box too if you plan to bring the beer / soft drinks. Maybe you guys can share and bring the beer, ice box and ice togetha =D That'll be a big help to me.

But if you guys don't plan to drink then just bring the ice box and ice la.

Next thing is, can some of you call up these people and invite them?
Jia Ling
Shen Yin
which means if she comes, Kenneth will also la I guess...)
Jinq Yi
Ye Von

and please ask them to call me to confirm whether or not they'll be coming by tomorrow night. or don't bother coming coz i'm afraid to make too much food so i won't be making all that much unless you guys can prove to me that you're gonna be eating alot la. better let me know in advance because i'm going grocery shopping for the food and ingredients this Wednesday.

So far, the people whom have confirmed are:

myself (duh)
Sher Win

(mine and sw's friends, i'll intro you guys to them a little bit first)
Zheng Yang <--currently taking AUP (American University Programme) in INTI will graduate and fly to US by August. a year older than me. i've known him since i was four. he's like a brother to me.)

Arin <-- worked in McCann Eriksson before as an intern. also worked with Chok Yan in a project or two before. Currently working in Leo Burnett. He's more to the cakap cakap and promoting work. not graphic designer whatsoever.
Shawn Beck
Sam Goh
Ben Chew

not sure ones
Li Sian?(please get permission from your parents to stay later or at the very least, get keys please) JT ?
Ben Cheong?

current head count: 15 guests

call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me~



Sam Tan's not coming. She'll be attending her grandfather's 83rd birthday

*update 2:30am 09/05/06



ButterFairy said...

Hhmpphh, my dead tortoises are pretty offended by that post, Eve Chia.. ;)

you better just appoint someone to do all those stuff u mentioned and not just use the random 'can someone..?'..its much much easier

ChrisYuen said...

well,james and sam goh won't be drinking,that's for sure cuz they're driving..
chin hou will still be in taiping,most prob..
jinq yi,not sure wen she's comin back to sunway oso..

that's all i know la..jus fyi..

JustEve said...

so the only person who will be drinking is Ethan la i guess. :P

Kye said...

I'm in. Chin Hou will only be back by Sunday.

mabbito said...

i will ask ashlei to help me for coleslaw...hehe

Wee Wee said...

will there be marshmallows??? i dont want to end up like in PD again..

bbq without marshmallows... is just not right...

** dracolshian ** said...

i get to help in marinating the food? yippee!

er...what time do i need to get there? i dun think i have any of the items that you've requested on the list... i think 7-11 has LOTS of ice...hehe

oh, i need a lift to your place... sorry, but my parents dun intend to buy me a car yet... *sighs* oh wait, anyone going to check last term's result this friday?

and i'll contact shenyin...if anyone hasn't yet...

CD055-1 said...

me going
btw.. where is this place >.>

JustEve said...

chris- I'll leave the decision about the beer to you guys because, obviously, you're gonna be the only ones drinking. I don't think any of the girls in our class drink except melissa and she's not invited.

will- yes there will be marshmallows... you're talking to a bbq sifu here, ok? =D And you're right, bbq without marshmallows is just plain sad.

chrys: marinating will be done the night before.. meat will only taste best if it is marinated for over 24 hrs. So sw and I will be doing the marinating. You can help with the skewering of the kebabs, making the pasta salad, preparations for the jacket potatoes, spanish charcoaled onions and grilled squid.

about the transportation thing, please refer to may. she'll pick you up from either the KTM station or TOA probably around lunch time or after lunch I hope you guys can come around 1-2pm or earlier if possible, coz if you come any later, we'd have barely an hour to get things ready. You guys go discuss it amongst yourselves la.

ben chew: please refer to the previous post for the bbq party and this time, please click the invitation for a better view. there is a map to my place attached to it.

FYI: I live in Sunway Damansara, Tropicana. Nearby One Utama, Tesco, Ikea, Ikano, The Curve, Cineleisure, and Centerpoint.