hey guys... I was actually running through the stuffs on my super messy table when *BANG*... something hit me.

An idea hit me. LOL

So, I spent 4-5 hours doing this.

My idea is a merge of Shaza's concept and well, mine... Hope you notice the 0551 (our Shidio code number) haha...

So... What do you think?


Prince Royce said...

I like the second one more cuz ur font is more fun which goes with the look and feel of the logo.

CD055-1 said...

hohoho brilliant!!!
the first font is for serious type,
the second one is for crazy type... depending on what kinda person are you, you'll like your kind~

JustEve said...

i see boob and nipple LOL BWUAHAHAA

Alexa a.k.a. Shaza a.k.a. Chief Shu-kalaka-loco said...

*Eve is faaar too honest for her own good...'sweat'* :D

I like the first pair~ which one? I do not know~ the colors are funky, gives the feel of tropical country or island or somethin like that... (what ev...)
*my kind of a logo~ niceee~ with me as the chief and monkeys as my minions~ hohohoh~*
but somethin in my gut tells me this can still ne improved to a higher 'uber' level - like this is a brilliant start for a great logo design bebeh!!!~