Shidio Term Breaks: Cameron Highlands

UPDATE: WE have a new addition to transport! Thousands of thanks to Ashlei's parents for allowing us to use their Proton Waja!

Those that have confirmed their place:

  1. James
  2. Ashlei
  3. JT
  4. Royce
  5. Shaza
  6. Ben
  7. William
  8. Cal
  9. Sam Goh
  10. Sam Tan
  11. Christopher

Alright people. It's time to get started!

The amount days we will be disappearing from our own homes is 3 days. From the 27th of April - 29th of April.

The price for the accomodation is RM150 a night. So it's RM300 for two nights. RM300 divided by 12 people, we settle on RM25 per person.

On transport, we have Sam Goh, Christopher and yours truly offering our vehicles to send you to the breezy paradise of Cameron Highlands. Sam Goh is gonna drive his CRV, and moi in the City. I'll divide the fuel prices according to the consumption of each vehicle.

CRV: 2.3litre SUV. Consumption average at least RM70 from KL to Camerons. RM140 for round trip.

City: 1.5litre saloon. Consumption average at least Rm60 from KL to Camerons. Rm120 for round trip.

Waja: 1.6litre saloon. Consumption average at least RM60 from KL to Camerons: RM 120 for round trip.
  • 4 people that are following Sam's car will be paying a total of RM35 per person + RM25 for accomodation = RM60.
  • 4 people in my car will be paying Rm30 per person + RM25 = RM55.
  • 4 people in the Waja will be paying Rm30 per person + RM25 = Rm55.
Those that are selected to be in the respective vehicles will pay a divided fee to their drivers.
Seat placements will be discussed later.

Venue of departure is AGAIN at Sam Tan's home. So those that are staying pretty far away, you can bunk at either one of our Subangite homes the night before. We LEAVE at 11am, Friday morning. Everyone is meeting up at 9am for breakfast. So, hopefully no one will be LATE.

What to bring: The usual necessary stuff like clothes, jackets/thick clothing(important!), toiletries. Do bring sleeping bags, pillows and blankets if you fear of a shortage while being up there. Do not bring any unecessary objects like gaming consoles, weapons or huge stuffed toys. But do bring card games, or board games that can seriously entertain and not cause anyone to kill each other. Importante!! It's very cold up there in Cameron Highlands especially at night, so, it is CRUCIAL that you bring at least one sweater and a thick jacket with it.

For the boozers, I'll be bringing up an OPENED bottle of Absolut Vodka, and prolly half a crate of beer. Anyone else that wants to contribute to the F 'n' B please let me know.


Prince Royce said...

yay, okie and I kinda worked out with Sam goh tat I'll follow his car liau. I'll be bringing Mahjong up,and I feel like buying Cranium to play there.

It's great that it's cheap, can spend more on entertainment and stuff. Could we make a visitation to the market or town or kampung part of the itenary. I have to get beet root and fresh vegetables on the last day. LOL.. i know. so sien. Grandma la!

Kye said...

No weapons? There goes RPGing/ LARPing...

Samantha said...

wow..300 cheers for jimbo for planning this again!! :D

is it really that cold up there? i don't remember camerons being very cold..but then again, the last time i've been there, i was a little wild animal running around so probably my energy kept me warm and toasty..teehee!

ooo!! sam goh asked if we are doing our OWN steamboat?

ashe said...

steamboat??!!....wah...need a lot of preparation wor....hehe...

i'll be bringing boardgames then.. hopefully it won't bore you guys out...

and royce: so good boy ah..err..i mean good cucu...haha

samz said...

if want steamboat i can rdy all
erm most of the stuff la k, but need money to buy those frozen stuff like fishballs, mee, meat etc etc i can keluar all 1st den for vegeables we'll buy up there coz fresh, just need confirmation den can d probably each person pay rm5-10 lidat lor, n if confirmed d i need to go market order those stuff from those aunties n go pick up on thursday morning or friday morning

samz said...

im driving 2 cars no worries people

Samantha said...

how to drive 2 cars?? are u going to cut urself in half, sam?

Alone said...

LOL.. drive 2 cars... probably he's gonna tie the car from the front to the back...

i kinda forgot what is LARP already...

samz so free can go out hang kai mai sung... xDD

samz said...

market is a nice place to go haha alot food

Kye said...

Arrr... thousand apologies people... especially Jimbob-o. I kneel in your presence ready to face the music... in your case some heavy metal beating (Gulp).

samz said...

hey pay me rm55 oso la k not fair la count dif price, same with the others is ok

Anonymous said...

but your car mmg lidat wan sendiri want to pay more for your own fuel meh? hahaha...kk, we'll settle that later.

alone said...

everyone pay the same price lar.. like last time

samz said...

okok la as long as every1 happi, i'm happi

Anonymous said...

Mmm... No gaming consoles? Tsk. Alcohol must be consumed with STEALTH, and it is advised not to bring pork to eat in the house.