it's really been a blessing that the rivers of fate swept me into the oasis that is the Shidios. i do believe tat there are events that are fated. And entering into their tight-knit group is 1 of them.

It showed me the possibility of being part of a big clan. Da sweet support shown to me will always be appreciated. But I feel da tides pull me to another shore. As da moon rises in da star-speckled sky, I can't wait to see the same view...but faraway from here,in another world.

At 14, I remember having a dream of my 21st birthday in a distant and different land. It seems da flow of things does lead toward it. I only half believed da dream till now. I was afraid of leaving my friends, afraid of leaving da comforts of home. But da more I thought about it, da more I realized that I really wanted this. so much that my fear melted away in the heat of my own enthusiasm.

I'm tired of my fishbowl world. I wanted to swim into the ocean. Find da wonders beyond da familiar. Finally gain experience and taste exposure for my own.But this place will always be my childhood home, my beginnings, my river's starting spring well.

So friends, I bid you farewell and good luck in the rest of the studies. I shall be flying off on the 26th at night, reaching there by the 27th and beginning my studies straightaway.
Don't hesitate to visit me whenever you guys have the chance.

The fridge and the TV are my bye bye gifts to the Shidios . Take good care people, we'll chat on MSN more often.


samz said...

support u! all the best

Samantha said...

we'll miss u and visit u! :D

Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

will miss you Kupo... please... be sure to lay-off the cheese kupo... :(

ChrisYuen said...


although i don't hang out wit u often,still would like to wish u all da best,good luck and God bless.

don't forget us who are here,k??

ashe said...

juz to let u Shidio, u're on of the fun-ness person to hang out with... love your over-exaggerated expressions...i'll miss that loh...i wonder if i'll cry when you leave...hehe...
well, considering my personality. no kua..hehe..all the best royce..thought your body and soul is not here in another few days, but your thoughts will eventually flow into this small space of shidio blog...hehe...keep in touch!

Prince Royce said...

Awww you guys,. so sweet la. I really appreciate these words and will keep it in my heart to cheer me up.

Shidios forever. Hugs and kisses. each of you will always be with me in my memories. (waaah poetic sial)