James, is that you? XD


Royce Tan said...

The Jimbo Doppelganger.

this one must be:

Jimbakuteh (bak kut teh)
Jimbau zhaaa
I-Can't-Believe-Its-Not-James (From I can't believe its yogurt)
Jimberg (his carlberg tshirt)

BTw its not James right. It can't be. I've not seen him for a year .. but.. its got to be a parody of James.

Ok I bet I'm the next target lor. haha. all of us will have scary pics.
We're Doomed! doomed!!

Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

OH WOW! It's like looking into THE FUTURE!~? *scaaarry.....* (T___T)"

Royce Tan said...

AHhaa Shaz! so chibai! Its like the Dove parody video. ahahahah. I just joined the chibainess. LOL

Eve said...


I forgot which video I captured this picture from already... so too bad. I found it on my desktop the other day when I was clearing&backing up my stuff. Just had to post it up lar. Cannot have that ugly combomutantdisgutso creature up on the top of the post for so long :P

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that's just wrong.

I don't support Liverpool.