Dates to remember

NO!!!! It's not the dates you were thinkin but the dates of some of cd055-1's population's birthdate...

Eve - 31st Jan

Cal - 2nd April
Chris - 19th April

Penguin - 9th May
May - 15th May
Swan - 21st May

Shaza - 23rd June

Ashlei - 20th July

Geri - 8th August
Jimbo - 18th August
Dracolshian - 24th August

Ah Sum - 7th September
ET - 14th September
Sam Goh - 17th September
Benruto - 20th September
Chin Hou - 25th September

Small Willy - 4th November
Panda Boy - 5th November

Jeling - 7th December
Li Sian - 28th December

These dates are for all of us to make note of until the day we leave cd055-1.Let us all unite on these days to celebrate.YEAAAAHHHHH!!!


Anonymous said...
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Brutus said...
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Sammie~~!! said... fast they leave comments already?

CD055-1 said...

those are ads... find a way to delete them...

yo chris.. u missed out a few ppl there... go gather more infos...

btw... should create another page for bitrhdays like this... cuz.. it won't last long to be remembered in a blog post...


ominousd1st said...

Chris!! U forgot me!! So bad... Li Sian is 28 december wor. I'm da youngest in class lol

ChrisYuen said...

who's ominousd1st???thanx for da info....

Eve said...

oooh looks like my birthday is the only one at the beginning of the year LOL