Group that depends totally on music and action

Drama rawks. Hard. And you know it.

Williams group (or my group, or Chin Hou's group, or Ben's group, or Ken's group) totally dependant on the music and fight scenes for Drama class' group play project.

In case you guys(who were there watching our play) wanna know the soundtrack for our play. Here it is:

  1. Friendly brawl scene [ Jordan Rudess - Insectasamongus]
  2. Village scene [Liquid Tension Experiment - Biaxident]
  3. Magmadar fights Lucifron [Liquid Tension Experiment - 914]
  4. Possesed Magmadar [ Liquid Tension Experiment - Chewbacca]
  5. Warriors fight Lucifron [Liquid Tension Experiment - Acid Rain]
  6. Sulfurion fights Gondar [Dream Theater - The Dance Of Eternity]
  7. Sulfurion in emo pain [Rurouni Kenshin - Quiet Life]
  8. Ending credits [Liquid Tension Experiment - Hourglass]
Contains most of Liquid Tension Experiment's music. Mostly because they are fully instrumental, and they have great build ups for fight scenes and stuff. 4 different artistes/bands. 3 share the same similiarity. All of them have members of Dream Theater.
Dream Theater[Metropolis Part.2]: James LaBrie, John Petrucci, John Myung, Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess.
Liquid Tension Experiment[2]: John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess, Tony Levin.
Jordan Rudess[Rythm Of Time]: Jordan’s newest solo rock album release featuring guitarists Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Greg Howe and Vinnie Moore as well as drummer, Rod Morgenstein and other guest artists.

I know you can find out similiarities. Have fun downloading. Prog metal pwns you. Peace out.



Anonymous said...

I was browsing and found your blog. I am pretty new to blogging but I am working on blog for Elisha Ann Cuthbert. It should be pretty cool when it is finished. Keep blogging!

kage said...

whoa... your group really did their stuff!!! Good for ya'll, got music n sound fx and all.. too bad i din get to stay back and watch

CD055-1 said...

erm... post about synopsis of the play also can gua.... i'm waiting for crystal's cam.. i hope she got record our play.. my cam's recording was blurry n shaky....(no offend though.. u said u were inexperienced...)


** dracolshian ** said...

sorry.. i assumed tht shaz's took everything.. so i could save up space for snippets of every group... and bcos no one specifically told me to tape their group in full (or something)...

great job you did there guys... really really cool to watch ur play... seriously... it was quite well done..