Listen Up!!!!

Listen up everyone who posts post here and those who read it.'Sam Chi Thou Meng' la who you are.

This is our class blog.Which means it is intended for our class people and onli our class people.If anyone wishes to invite their friends to read this blog,then we can't stop that.But other than that,tis blog can onli be understood by our class people.

So it is already said we can post anythin we want our class people to read about so long we use nicknames and NOT real names.That is onli if the post contains materials that are uncomfortable.Other than that,post all you want.

We post certain things which may be exaggerated but we will put it as a joke.PLEASE HAVE SOME FREAKIN SENSE OF HUMOUR LA,CD055-1.Not everythin we post here is seriously meant to be.Be sporting a bit...

We tease everyone in our class everyday.But those nicknames are onli recognised by our classmates.So we know that it's a joke.

Please don't go and ask the contributors to delete their post.Others find it amusing if not you.But the important thing is everyone treats it as a joke.

So here's my warning.If you happen to be unsatisfied with any post,tell it to me.Don't go poachin the contributors.If you got problems with that,COME UP TO MY F**KIN FACE AND TELL ME THAT.If you don't have a sense of freakin humour,then leave this blog and don't read it.Simple as that.Don't give any of us problems,please.


Anonymous said...

If people dont like try not to write about it..
You all create this class blog not to cause fight but is created for fun and telling all the interesting things that happens in class..
O yar and tell you what..
Dont be the guy who start the fight like that day ok?
just be cool man.. cool..