What A Game by Manchester United!!

Excellent game by Manchester United!! Seriously, the boys at Old Trafford had been suffering from the most turbulent season ever since their victory of the FA Cup last year. After taking such a beating by Middlesbrough in their last game they played, they've truly redeemed themselves by beating the Blues 1-0!!

Extraordianry gameplay by Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Alan Smith, Cristiano Ronaldo and Darren Fletcher. Full frontal attack throughout the whole match, and super solid defense by John O'Shea, Wes Brown, Rio Ferdinand, and Mikael Silvestre.

Chelsea being the champions of the last EPL season has fallen under Manchester United's supreme power in this round. Nevertheless, the Blues has put up all guns, trying to fend back from the wrath of the Red Devils, and a great job the Blues did, defending their way, keeping the Devils at bay with only one goal.

The Reds dominated the first half with Darren Fletcher scoring within the 31st minute into the game. If not for Wayne Rooney's quick footwork, the ball wouldn't have passed the Blue's heavy defense. The fiery tempered teenager has proven himself to the world that no goal is safe when a man is beyond enemy lines. Fletcher's looping header towards the goal is going to be one of United's best kept memories in their reign in EPL history. What they could not match in style, the Red Devils made up for in effort and direct running. In delivering long balls over the top, they also appeared to hit on an area of Chelsea weakness and Paul Scholes sent a shot whistling just wide after Wayne Rooney had chased down one long punt forward before cutting a fine pass back to his former England team-mate.

Despite Chelsea's record of 40 unbeaten games, their loss was taken very well, with grace as most would say. Unlike the Gunners, Arsenal, who fell into the Devils trap last year, on the same battleground, losing their 49 game unbeaten run. Jose Mourihno, being the expressionless manager himself did his team well by bringing up the Blue's spirit up during half time, setting up a heavy attack on the Devil's defense. Striking hard into the danger zone, Lampard and Gudjohnsen tried as hard as they might to get the ball further inside, but to no avail, Alan Smith was there, clearing the ball far off.

But Didier Drogba's sublime skill has brought a near goal in the beginning of the game, lightly touching the ball, letting it soar over United goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar's head, only to be taken down by his humongous hands. And with that, Frank Lampard's 50-yard soarer towards the goal was taken down by a magnificent touch by a heavily criticised Rio Ferdinand.

Chelsea had United pinned down during the second half, but even with the help of extra 4 minutes, Chelsea's heavy barrage of attacks are in vain. But try as they might, they could not break the resistance set up by the Devils.

Report by: Jimbo


samz said...

Alan Smith is da man of the match for that nite. One of his word bout Sir Alex Ferguson " gaffer hav no doubt on us " 0.0v

ChrisYuen said...

woo hoo!!! the red devils rule...damn proud of them...1st ever match i'm proud of...alan smith is doing a good job filling in for roy keane...he's a striker but he plays a good deefnsive midfielder too...way to go smithy..

ChrisYuen said...