Updates on PD trip..that's Port Dickson, Geri..

Okay, here's what we have so far...

The list: *DUM DUM DUMMMMM!!!*
(in no particular order)

Girls first... (okay..maybe there is SOME order)

Jia Ling
Li Sian
Ke Xin
Jinq Yi
Ye Von

now the GUSY!!! *lol...gusy...*
Junn Tseng
Chin Hou
Juan Juan *gets killed by ben*
And hopefully, Sam Kor...

Place we're going to stay at...


check it out for yourselves..

we're taking the 3 bedroom suite...which will cost around RM300 per night...

since we're staying for 2 nights...it'll be RM600...

devided by 16 people....*shawn's loving this part*
RM37.50, or count it as RM40 lor...plus tax and all...

I told u guys max we'll have to pay for accomodation is RM60 didn't i? *crowd does the wave*


Drivers: *the ones to NOT PISS OFF before the trip*

James / Ah Kong
Juan Juan/ Ah Bun / Ah Pau *recently added* / Ben
Jia Ling / The PAN
Ye Von / Ke Ai number 3

hmmm..what else is there to tell...

oh.. there'll be BBQ pits!!! WHOO!!! and i guess u all know *since ah kong keeps on mentioning it* that James will be planning a bbq...i'll be bringing chicken wings on sticks!! if u guys wanna contribute to the food, be it cornflakes or jello or sea water octopus...just list it down in the comments k...^-^

the more the merrier ma...*i'm talking about the food* =P

yup...i guess that's it...any changes i'll be sure to post it up..!! if anyone wants to share their opinion to make or trip better, PLEASE DO!! we need all the help we can get...*waves hands in the air*

Lovingly written by,
Ah Ma / Ah Sum / The Trans / Sam Tan's Santan Suntan


Anonymous said...

You have a great blog. I love the closeness you obviously have among your classmates :D

I am from Taylor's Business School and maybe my class will start a united blog too. Great idea!

Have fun at Port Dickson!

Sammie~~!! said...

OoOoOoOo....thanks!!! SEE GUYS!!! WE'RE A UNITED CLASS!!!!! *jumps up and down excitedly and accidentally srains ankle*

aiyoooo...cannot go PD already lor.......


ashe said...

hey...sammie!!!....i...i...i....i............to be continued....

JustEve said...

first of all. what sort of activities are you planning? can't just say we all up go there. What are we gonna do when we arrive there?

there's so many of us there's got to be some sort of itinerary planned. activities and such. by the way, that the heck is there to do in port dickson?

i was seriously thinking about going to pangkor or langkawi initially. least there's must more activities to do like snorkelling, mountain biking, island hopping and etc. but i guess you guys would probably not want to fork out more than sixty *eyes at Shawn* for a trip.

therefore, can you please give me a better idea on what we're gonna do there? because if i can't give my dad a better reason to go, his face says no. somehow my dad isn't a fan of PD and he thinks it's absurd to cramp so many people in one place just to save cost.

Kye said...

Ooo.. Taylorian. There's one BIG problem, SamTan. If I go on James' car, William will start nipple-pinching. If I go on Ben's car... I might die in a car crash. If I go on Jia Ling's car... I'll have to listen to her and Li Sian talk

Ke-Ai Mobile... frequency tak sama. I think I'll just fly there.

... perhaps we could link college class blogs... hmm... can we make money like that? $_$

CD055-1 said...

whaddya mean you'll die!!!! i'm an experienced driver!! longer than William!!! wahahaha

Wee Wee said...

eh what longer than william now??? sick kuli... i drive to college everyday for the past 1 year ok.. so mine's longer than yours!!! hahaha..

CD055-1 said...

whaddya mean you'll die!!!! i'm an experienced driver!! longer than William!!! wahahaha

CD055-1 said...

yours longer than mine.. sounds.... interesting... -.-

kage said...

/kicks Shawn

eh seriously lor whoever follows JLHQ mobile will have to endure hours of talking and nonsense and etc etc etc


Unless you happen to be a super leng chai then we'll use you for eye candy.

Sammie~~!! said...

hahaha..all these people above are going for the trip?? it's going to be interesting...

erm...activities...we'll just be doing everything spontaneously..it's more fun than a planned schedulle...seriously, we'll just go there, have fun and relax...spend time together as a group, u know...=)

and we're not being cramped together for the sake of saving money..we thought it'll be nicer to have everyone in the same place...instead of having us all separate ourselves...

PD isn't that boring u know..it depends on the people u're going with..and WE'RE ALL GOING!!! YAYYY!!!!

can't wait..!!!

Taylorians and TOAns might meet up in a business meeting someday..lol...shawn's always thinking of ways to MAKE money...tch tch tch...

Kye said...

Super lengchai as eye candy? JL will definitely crash the car that way... Mmmmmmm... I'll have to discuss this with the Black Halo.