BBQ Potluck Bash *nudge post*

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Right, I've decided to have the party next Friday (12th of May) since, as May (Wong) suggested, we already have some activities this week.

I'll prepare most of the food and then we'll all split the bill for the foodstuff. Perhaps about RM10 per-person, depending on the number of guests la.

SO, here's the menu for the Party:

Pasta salad / potato salad

Coleslaw (May??)

Chicken: 2 types of marinade, Five Spice and the other is honey and mustard

Kebabs : Chicken and/or Beef Kebabs. Some will be wrapped in streaky bacon (and with that i mean real pork bacon and not beef or turkey bacon) but we'll grill it seperately if Shaza should decide to join us.

Lamb (perhaps James might wanna marinade the lamb again?)


Grilled squid (chilli sotong or something la)


Spanish Charcoaled onions

Jacket potatoes / baked potatoes with sour cream and spring onions

Grilled Peppers

Grilled Choco-banana

Marshmallow fruit kebabs

Konnyaku Jelly with fruits

Ice cream + cones

Fruit Punch

Lemonande / Limeade

If you guys wanna bring beer, by all means go ahead, but don't drink till you get drunk and barf everywhere. I'll leave you to clean up after yourselves.


1) Please make sure ALL of you bring your own swimwear or you shan't be allowed to get into the pool. I have to put a deposit of RM100 for the rental of the pit + hall so if any of you guys goof up, we will get fined RM100.

2) Also if it's possible, can someone bring a stereo/hi-fi set for music? or i'll have to carry my entire pc down to the pool area which is like, damn mah fan. Perhaps James can bring his IPOD then connect it to my pc speakers.

3) Please RSVP by next Wed which is the 9th of May so I can calculate the amount of food to prepare for everyone. (you can just call me or posta reply in here to confirm)

4) EVERYONE MUST help clean up after the party!!

Basicly there aren't any activities planned aside from BBQ-ing and swimming. If you have any other suggestions for games and such, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I know alot of you can't eat red meat for religious purposes or just have no life, please tell me if you are not eating red meat.

Lamb is rather expensive and it shouldn't be wasted. Maybe this time I won't be marinating it, but my mom's friend will be. Her recipes are far greater than my Wild Spice & LeaPerrins marinade. It will be slightly costlier since she does catering.

If you guys wanna cut cost, then I'll do mine. LOL.

I'm in for the BBQ!! The iPod is ready.

-JulieFairy- said...

I'm IN!!! i can already hear the lamb calling my name..:)

anways, i can do the want variety? i can both the konyaku one with fruit as well as this really cool one with evaporated milk.. decide k!

JustEve said...

Lamb is neither red meat nor expensive la james... beef is. and did you guys read the news? our country has a shortage of pork!! pork prices are sky rocketing!!

JustEve said...

jules, i'll leave you to decide on the jelly la. but before that we'll have to get the others to tell us whether or not they're coming LOL!

CD055-1 said...

what?! no pork!??! nuuuuuuuuuuuuu

JustEve said...

GOT LAH... if you're willing to pay more then mar more pork lo.

I'm a pork lover. will definitely have pork and beef wan.

ashe said...

i've read comment...bwahahahahaha.....except for my confirmation....later...

Anonymous said...

are we gonna like have pork pies or slabs of pork? pork bacon? pork butt..STEAMED PORK!...braised pork, piglet from Winnie the Pooh? I heard that piglet tastes kinda funky.

pork pork pork pork pork pork..beef. mmm..

oinkers, mooers, cluckers and baaers. the whole farm is gonna be there. any quackers? ^^

JustEve said...

Like I said, depends on the number of people coming. Then only can i calculate the amount and variety of food to prepare. I estimate about RM10 per person for the food la. so with that x the number of people = what we'll be eating. =D

CD055-1 said...

i ate piglet before.. crunchy ^^

confirmation = 1

ben cheong said...

hey. i'll come.

Sammie~~!! said...

wow..ben cheong's 1st

i'm coming too, eve!! wouldn't miss it!!!