Perfect TOA Bombing Mission. Operation PTB

I'm guessing Sam Tan, May Wong and the Ke-Ai group will be angry at the positioning of places in the class. May confronted me to discuss a plan. A plan like no other. An operation that has never been done before in history, in all of mankind.

Saturday 1230 hours.

The first thing is for May Wong to actually just go for a negotiation and to complain about her class being set. If she fails to manage the convincing, then Plan PTB will be in operation.

This are the preparations we need for each Shidio to do. James, you play the 2nd most important role in this operation. I'll need you and Chin Hou to go and infiltrate the Soviet Union. James, with your superior accent, you'll be able to convince the high ops in the command center of the Soviet via phone to borrow us a chopper and some missiles. We also need an underwater ship called the Tuatha de Danaan. Chin Hou, you've planned world domination in the past. Now is the time to practice your skills. Go pilot that chopper! Shawn, you're in for the co-pilot of that chopper.

Sam Goh, you'll receive a package a night before the operation. Keep it and be at the building for preparation at 1230 hours.

I'll also need Juliana and Evonne to apply for jobs in Nandos. Juliana will take the cook's position while Evonne the waitress. Samantha, Ethan and Cal will take the job as a security guard in a flat top building near Summit. May Wong will give you the details. Sam Tan, your job is to guard the escalator to the rooftop, to prevent anyone from using it. Ethan and Cal will back you up nearby. They're big enough to keep on the look out for unwanted people. I'll survey the roads from TOA to the flat top building also known as the rendezvous point.

I need the Ke-Ai group's voices to be recorded in a tape. But sadly you'll not be shouting ke ai! ke ai! but chiu ming ah!! chiu ming ah!!

Christopher, your job is to surf the net, go to e-bay and purchase exactly 3 tear gas bombs. Don't worry, it'll be cheap.

Ben Cheong, Melissa, Shaza and Li Sian, you'll be in Tuatha de Danaan for our victory preparation. Please cook and prepare a great feast and entertainment to last for the night.

William, you'll be in the operator's room with Chrystal in the Tuatha de Danaan. You'll handle the monitoring of our progress, signalling and contacting each Shidio on their movements and to make sure nothing goes wrong. Chrystal will help you out. We need the FUNT team to go around Sunway Pyramid, TOA and the flat top building to place hidden cameras all around our path way.

That's everyone's job. Now I'll brief you guys on our plan and how we're going to go by it.

Saturday the 14th at 1230 hours, May Wong will enter TOA to negotiate with the SRA personnels. Operation PTB will only commence once May Wong gives the signal to William via the mic whether the negotiation is successful or fails. And then William/Chrystal will alert every Shidio to be ready for operation.


Once everyone receives the signal, the game begins.

Junn Tseng, confront the guard of TOA. Since it's lunchtime, this is what you'll do. You'll convince the guard to leave his post for lunchbreak, as far as possible. An example conversation will be like this.

JT : Lets go eat Nandos.
Guard: But have to wait very long... I'll go Ming Tien
Jt: No... Nando's kebab very nice....
Guards: Looks like something is wrong...
Jt: Lets go... It'll be my treat.
Guard: *eyes sparkle* Since you're so into it... I'll just go along with you lah...

You will then bring him to Nandos, where William/Chrystal signals Juliana and Evonne to act. Juliana you'll cook a kebab for the guard. Make sure you put in some weird ingredients you bought from the pharmacy. Anything will do as long as it expands the time length for the guard to be in Nandos. Evonne, you'll go talk with him, craps, flirts, anything suits best as long as you witness him finish everything.

Christopher, give an immediate action and deploy your tear gas bombs in the SRA department. May Wong will take all our cheques and money and evacuate via the front entrance. She'll then pass them to Dora and Shen Yin, they'll then bring the cheques to be changed straight away in Maybank. Any later and the police will notify all banks to look out for the cheques. Sam Goh, bash in through the front entrance and plant the package which is a highly explosive bomb at the SRA department. I'll be waiting outside with my Proton Iswara to pick up May, Sam Goh and Chris and we'll speed pass the side of TOA, and out to the highway all the way to the rendezvous point.

After we escape to the highway, William/Chrystal will then give the command to Jia Ling. Jia Ling you'll be in the auditorium setting up the P.A. equipments to play the tape that the Ke-Ai group recorded. Then RUN! As fast as you can out the window. Yes out the window. I know you have the skills of Catwoman, you auditioned for the role plus lessons from Gary. I'll trust that you'll be able to escape easily. Run towards a manhole opened for you somehere north east behind a lorong with Melissa waiting there. Jump in and you'll slide all the way to Tuatha de Danaan with Kenneth.

William/Chrystal will now contact Chin Hou. He'll then fly atop TOA and blast through Tatsun's office with the missile, regardless of whether Tatsun's there or not. Then fly to the rendezvous point ASAP without hesitation so that no human will be able enough to track you down. Wait for us to meet you there. I'll brief more on your part later on. At the same time, the bomb package would have gone off. So now we have both SRA and Tatsun's office heavily damaged.

Geraldine and Ashlei, you'll have the important role in this part of the plan. I need you to disguise yourselves as grandmas to confuse the police nearby. Make noises and distract them from doing anything for the time being while we escape.

By the time we're half escaping, the firemen would have arrived at TOA. Remember the tape prepared by Jia Ling earlier? The firemen will be trying to break into the auditorium to save..... the tape. Correct, it's a diversion to keep them busy while the building burn down.

May, Chris, Sam Goh and I will be in the flat topped building by now. We'll make our way through the floors, and up the final escalator before the rooftop. Shawn will be there next to the chopper to greet us. May, Chris, Sam Goh, Sam Tan, Ethan, Cal and I will board the chopper after we meet at the rendezvous point. Chin Hou, do your best and evacuate to Tuatha de Danaan straight off west in the ocean.

After we've landed, the Tuatha de Danaan will now submerge underwater. All Shidio personnels, please evacuate mainland to the beach where someone will be standing by with a capsule that dives 1000 miles per hour to the ship. How do you evacuate the place you ask? There's a teleportation machine near the chu cheong fun stall that looks like a telephone booth. After you've all evacuated, the booth will self destruct destroying every evidence about it. Soviet's more highly advance in technology than we all expected them to be. After you arrive at the beach.... Huh? Why not straight teleport to the ship? They're highly advance but they still lack the ability to transport molecules underwater which is dangerous. So, after you've arrive at the rendezvous point at the beach, someone will be waiting there and blast you guys down to the ship.

Now, with everyone together, we'll have a celebration feast prepared by Li Sian and Shaza. Bak Kut Teh, Steamboat, BBQ, you name it, they prepare it. And in order for us to be not bored while we celebrate throughout the night, Ben Cheong and Kenneth will be entertaining us with everything they have as the night brings us in.

Shawn and Juliana will help with the entertainment since they're the pro's in this field. Shawn will do his own rock show while Juliana can show us her treasure trove of fashions from the fashion world. Kenneth will be pole dancing all the way till dawn.

And since this plan isn't workable on Friday because it's Wesak Day, so plan will be postponed to Saturday the 14th. Same time, Same place.

We'll all return home safely by the next day with Soviet soldiers in disguise with cars. We'll read at the front page of The Star, The Sun, The Moon, The Earth, etc about the best and most perfect plan ever in human history with a bright smile on each of our faces.

(Note : This plan is just fiction, and is not possible in reality. Soviet guys and ISA, please don't come after us for this impossible operation.)


mabbito said...


JT said...

Wah!....another Mission Impossible!
Wah!.....Nando's included summore!
Super geng!.....I want in!....haha

Kye said...

Hey, Ben. I'm fine with everything except "Ben Cheong and Melissa will be entertaining us with everything they have as the night brings us in".

** dracolshian ** said...

now this should really be documented in graphic form... lipan productions? or perhaps shaz the great? er...maybe cal then? DC comic style or manga type also can... Better, SHIDIO style!

okay, i'm not making a big fuss here... (really, I'm not!! *puts on sweet smile*) err, but why am i helping out power ranger mini force?? I wanna head the submarine... or perhaps penetrate TOA's security and hacked the data system so that all info will be wiped out... *evil laugh* muahahahaahahaha XD

joking joking... :p

CD055-1 said...

kye, i have no where else to put them.. unless you wanna change.. it's just randomly thought off anyway ^^;;
change it? then put somewhere else~ but where?

haha.. Chrystal, being the operator plays a big part, you put on a microphone thingy, then look at cameras then command some Shidio to go here go there.. hey, you can even say "HOI! Juliana!! Cook faster!!! Put this! Put that!! Why so slow?!?! Wargh!!!"

JustEve said...

there are some deadly flaws to your fact of "a capsule that dives 1000 miles per hour to the ship. " anyone would've DIED a terrible death if the capsule could dive that fast down into the ocean. Our bodies will never be able to cope with the sudden high increase of pressure and our ear drums will explode followed by brain damage or worse... I doubt anyone has actually tried or even capable of moving that quickly. That's why submarines nowadays still sumbmerge slowly into the watery depths due to this reason. Sudden high increase of pressure is very teh dangerous.

in other words, half of us would've already been killed on the way to the ship.... o_o

ChrisYuen said...

i think somebody has had one too many spy movies..
go invent a game or something on it nex time la..

but,pls don't have melissa entertainin us..puulllleeeeeeeeeesssee..

Anonymous said...

omg, i'm a spy?!


mabbito said...

for the capsule thingy...
of course its a high technology thingy...where the impossible becomes the possible...

for the entertainer part....
who knows it might turn out interesting? muahaha

and for james....u only sit there and negotiate with your superpowerful accent with the Italian President, Irish Vice President, French Secretary, Chinese Treasurer and the Indian General....


ButterFairy said...


but then again, maybe that's why I'm the one cooking..muahahaha..

I agree with Kye, anything, ANYTHING, is better than Melissa entertaining us..

They'll be sooooo sorry they tried to break us up!!!


Kye said...

After all that planning to get things to work our way. The entire class will die by the hands of the entertainment crew. All thanks to Ben, hahaha!

mabbito said...

well....why not juliana and shawn do the entertainment part...
maybe erm....

julie can do pole dance with shawn as the pole...wohoo...
(this is an idea contributed during pd shawn if i am not mistaken)

CD055-1 said...

wow.. cool.. after one night and we have 12 comments... LOL.. this is fun~

anyway.. the blog is updated, refer to the last few paragraphs.

Eve, remember there's one part of Doraemon series where the pilot isn't able to feel the movements of the robot no matter how drastic it moves? A future technology already owned by the Soviet. Incredible.

Butterfairy can't cook? just taruh all the butter inside :P

May, the pole dancer was Kenneth actually~ >.<

JustEve said...

sorry don't think i remember Doraemon from my oh-so-very young toddler days.