S-Men: Episode 1 'Prolog | Chap.1'

18. 08. 4170
-Area Unknown-

The barren land sits quietly as the wind blows. The clouds were white and the skies were blue. A barren land of dust and sand dunes, a lone tree stands in the middle of this vast area of complete emptiness. There were no cacti around. They could not survive such heat and have dehydrated. This lone tree though, is full of lush green leaves.

Leaves rustling in the searing wind, it does not seem affected by the intense heat. The trees then shudders and suddenly erupts in a giant ball of flames. The fire surges like a bear trapped in a bear-trap. Furiously struggling to break free, erupting like a volcano. An anger insatiable, the sand and dust around it melt into crystals. The flame rages on, but the tree is untouched. The leaves are still intact, the bark is unscathed. Like an immortal tree. The skies are still clear, there was no smoke rising from the flames. The flames make a sudden explosion and a gaping hole cracks open from the trunk of the tree. An arm emerges and pulls itself out of the gaping hole. A female figure steps out. She looks at her hands, and checks out her own body. She clenches her fists and the flames came to an instant halt and died. She stands stark naked in the barren land, and she has no need for shame. Her eyes glowing like embers, she takes her first step,....and with some unseen force, she is lifted up into the air.

25. 05. 06

A man tears down the streets of GenoShio while looking over his shoulder with a giant smirk on his face. He is carrying a backpack and it seems full. Over his treading footsteps on the hard concrete pavement and the loud jangle from his backpack, blaring sirens could be heard. He stops instantly, and gracefully walks into the middle of an empty street. Screeching of tires were heard and the sirens got louder and louder, and then, police squad cars burst into the scene along with police helicopters. They all stop at least 30 yards from the man. All of the policemen jumped out of their cars and unholstered their weapons. .20 calibre....these men aren't fooling around.

Policeman: Freeze asshole!!
Man: Dude, I'm not moving okay?

The man gives a wide grin and takes a giant step backwards.

Policeman: Suspect is armed and dangerous! FIRE!!

A barrage of lead exploded from the barrels of the firearms. A symphony of destructive power unleashed onto a lone man. This man is dead meat. The man did not stand there and waited to be shot. In a blink of an eye, he was missing. The bullets had no target. The firings halted and every policeman scrambled. Searching every building and alley in a 4km radius. No one. An hour later, just when everyone has completed the search, the policeman who was shouting at the anonymous man found a note on his patrol car.

"You know what? You shouldn't have fired your weapons. Soooo not funny, ok? Anyway, by time you've read this note, I'll be in France kissing up some hot french chick."

Love, your 'very fast' friend,

P.S: Say thanks to the bank for giving me the million, ok fat boy? And the jewellers for these fine diamonds and pearls. Love ya'! :)

Policeman: Danny, I want you to contact the government. We just got punked by a lame ass mutant.


This is the prolog and Chapter 1 of S-Men. There will be alot of character development, so have patience. Quiksilver has made his debut, and I am very sure you can get the message from reading. You all will know who is Quiksilver later on.

Next Chapter:

The debut of a very loud superhero.


Sammie~~!! said...

Oh wow...james...u can beat any one of them mystery authors...this is SO COOL!!!!

hehehehe...i know who Quiksilver is...*sings in annoying tones*

Sammie~~!! said...


CD055-1 said...

Quicksilver is a brand? o.O

ButterFairy said...

Hey!! this is a pretty amazing read! :) For a moment there, i thought it was Crystal's contribution..hehe..

*That explains why a certain special date was put up FIRST, eh?*

hey Sammie, Quiksilver sounds like the lil dude that sits next to us in college..i wonder why..;)

Sammie~~!! said...

hahaha...see, james!! girls are SMART!! we know who Quiksilver is...

*high five's Jules*

okay..that sounded corny...oh well..=P

Anonymous said...

lidat meh...haiyoh...lepak lah. so what if you both know? the rest dunno mar.. More on the way! S-Men wont be frquently updated, but i will try to update as much as possible.

ashe said...

who's quiksilver???>>>>..

good writing skills james...

this is so fun to read...hahhah....