Hiatus...to be broken

Some have asked, and some have not.

Some like it, some do not.

It's long winded, it's not original, it's just there to fill up blog space.

It's S-Men. The Shidio Fai Fai Wan story with superpowers.

It's a joy to hear from my readers, when they ask "When is S-Men: Chapter 5 coming out?"

I know that some people enjoy my writing, but I am worried that some just don't like it at all, or have completely no interest at all. That explains the long hiatus, and I apologize for that. (I don't have much time to write it anyway with all my assignments and stuff.)

BUT, this hiatus is about to be broken. All the empty promises that I've made to my readers are to be no longer empty. S-Men: Episode 1-Chapter 5, is to be re-continued...

..this coming Thursday.