List of Things You Need To Know for CONVO

For those of you lazy buggers who did not attend the briefing for the graduation convo yesterday morning, here's what you need to know.


Photography Studio will be open from 9am-3.45pm ONLY for students with families from out of state. Please give them priority. For those of you who are living around in KL, please have your photo taken before the day of the event(before the 5th) or after (like 6th onwards) Just go to the photo studio (somewhere in Cheras) mentioned in the letter. The studio will know which robes to give you according to your major.

Please arrive at the hotel with ample time to register, collect your robes, wear and get yourself ready for the Graduates' March by 3.45pm. You collect your robes from Subang Ballroom and you MUST be robed and ready in front of Selangor Ballroom by 3.45pm LATEST. Registration starts at 2pm so you can come by then. March starts at 4pm. If you are late, you will not be "graduating" with everyone else and you will be forced to sit with your parents on the dinner tables instead of sitting with the graduates.

For girls wear long pants or skirt otherwise you will look naked/ as though you are not wearing anything underneath your robes. 

For guys, please wear formal (long sleeved, collared shirts and slacks) and accordingly and WITH a blazer. 

Please be reminded that NO JEANS(especially TORN ones), T-SHIRTS or SLIPPERS are allowed!

Hair :
Girls: Don't bother having your hair sets in salons as you will have to wear your mortar boardson top of your heads anyway.

Guys & Girls : Please ring pins to secure mortar boards on head.

Girls: Please wear comfortable shoes that you can walk properly in to avoid embarrassing falls when tottering on stilettos . 

You will be given name cards so PLEASE hold on to name cards carefully. Do not fold it or crush it or destroy it.

There will be 2 guardians/ushers at the beginning and at the end of the lines holding cards stating your Majors so line up accordingly and they will bring you in when the emcee announces.

DON'T clap during presentation of certs for diploma holders. Please remind your parents and guests to not clap at all during the presentation of diploma certs in order to be fair to everyone BECAUSE the first few might have thunderous applause then people will get tired towards the middle and end so the students who are at the middle and end of the line will get little or just charity applauses. SO please tell your parents to not clap. You are allowed to clap once the presentation of Dean's List/ Industry something something to the selected students start.

The ceremony should finish and dinner should start by 6.30pm.

When collecting certs:
First walk up to your respective department heads, bow to them. Then walk up the stage to the Dean or Principal and shake his/her hands, collect cert and walk down the other side of the stage. Follow the ushers standing by and go AROUND the ballroom and go back to your seats on the other side of the ballroom. PLEASE DO NOT CRISS-CROSS BACK TO YOUR SEATS.

There will be markings on the floor to tell you where to go and where to stop. So please lookout for them. Otherwise, lookout for the ushers.

The cert that you receive during the ceremony is just a congratulatory note. You need to collect the actual diploma from college the following day. Please bring along your student ID otherwise you will be fined RM30 before you can collect your Diploma.

Please be reminded to NOT eat or go to toilet with robes.

For hotel accomodations, please book rooms under The One Academy. Rates at RM260 and RM280

Anything else, ask Va Nee.


On a different note. I was thinking of getting a room at the hotel during convo. It'll provide a safe place to keep all our things and all. I mean we won't have to worry about rushing, transport and traffic if we stayed there for a night. Can change clothes / get ready without having to crowd with everyone in the toilets at the ballroom area. Don't have to worry parents or make them wait to fetch you after the dance session. Can have one last sleepover with close friends.

So if you guys are interested in sharing for one of the rooms, please let me know okay?